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Product Development & International Sourcing Corp is a product development company that was started by Jon Wrubel. Jon is an expert with years of experience in product manufacturing, design and sourcing. Our primary business deals with cutlery development and sourcing for businesses who want to get into this market. We take pride in offering the highest quality cutlery products for the kitchen and home. 

We have decades of experience in retail, wholesale, manufacturing, sourcing and design. Jon was a developer and product sourcing 
specialists for a huge retail company, where he developed three private labels in the flatware and housewares department with huge success. Jon was also the VP of product development for a wholesaler company. Sourcing products and developing products are our strengths and we will help our clients ensure the entire process stays on budget and on time. 

Jon has created two national trends in the USA with respect to flatware design. We have experience in sourcing, developing and delivering the completed project for our clients even when that means working with multiple factories from various countries all producing components of the line of cutlery and flatware products.

By using our product development services you can get yourself set up with the best products in the Cutlery and Kitchenware industry and stand out from the rest. We are experienced and are passionate about providing the best and most unique designs. We work closely with our clients so that the development process is smooth and quick. 

You can reach us by calling 631-724-2326 or by emailing us. We will work with you to develop the best products and handle the entire process for you.

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