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Product Development & International Sourcing Corp is a product development firm that was started by Jon Wrubel. Jon is an expert with years of experience in product manufacturing, design and sourcing. It is from this expertise and experience that the business was born. The corporation caters to the needs of businesses that want to develop and sell cutlery and kitchenware / houseware products for the home and office. 

We believe that the products we create are ideal for the home market and for our clients who want the products they sell
within this market to be of high quality. The most fulfilling part of our business is the fact that we are able to develop and provide all our customers with cutlery, kitchenware and houseware products of the highest quality at the best prices. It is always motivating to see that clients are impressed and satisfied with our product development services. 

We have been in operation for the past nine years and we look forward to using that experience to help our each client ensure that they develop the best products within this niche, when considering both quality and selection. We are located on the East Coast of the USA and service clients all over the United States who are interested in providing products to the home cutlery and kitchenware market.
kitchen cutting boards, barware, wineware, giftware, and 
salt & pepper grinders. 

Our main aim is to source and develop high quality products that can suit the needs of different customers in the home and kitchen niche. Some of the products that we design, develop and source for our clients include; cutlery, flatware, ceramic cutlery, dinnerware,
If you need help with development or product sourcing, you can reach us by phone or email. We will work with you to develop the best products and handle the entire process for you.